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   Welcome to The website to come to when your bored. New games, pictures, videos and more fun stuff everyday so check back soon!

Latest Fun Links

Really Cute Cat (Animal Videos) - This little cat just wants some love!
Baby Monkey on a Pig (Animal Videos) - Baby monkey taking a ride on a piglet! So Cute!
Wahh Wahh Wahhh (Animal Videos) - Funny dog growling..
Bird Messing with Cat (Animal Videos) - Kitty is trying to sleep but the bird keeps annoying it.
Bieber Head (Funny Videos) - Justin Bieber gets nailed in the head with a flying bottle at one of his concerts! LOL!
Slinky Man (Funny Videos) - Guy does a crazy dance in what looks like a giant rainbow slinky.
Wave Hits Lighthouse (Funny Pictures) - A massive wave slams into a light house. That guy better get back inside.
Weiner Cooker (Funny Pictures) - If you really want your weiner to be cooked just right.

Most Popular Links

Mars Massacre (Fighting Games) - Shoot down the martian space ships to save planet earth!
FL Tron (Classic Games) - Build a wall around your opponent. Dont crash into a wall.
Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic Games) - Collect gold rings and make it to the end of each level. Choose from four different characters.
Big Joe's Homerun Challenge (Sports Games) - Help Big Joe score a home run. Hit it out of the park!
Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Flash Movies) - Guess what time it is? It's peanut butter jelly time!
What's Wrong in this picure? (Flash Movies) - There are 5 problems with this picture. See if you can find them all.
1 on 1 Soccer (Sports Games) - Play soccer against a friend or the computer.
Fart Soundboard (Soundboards) - Disgust all your friends with these hilarious farting sounds.

Cool Things to Buy

Color Changing Shower Head - Showers will never be boring again!
Horse Head Mask - Freak out all your friends with this hilarious mask!
The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife - You'll never need to buy another tool again!
Mustache Pascifier - Hilarious gift for any baby!
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