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Mars Massacre 3.3 - Shoot down the martian space ships to save planet earth!
Alien Hominid 4.5 - Fight off F.B.I goons and other enemies. Shoot them quick before they get you!
Metal Slug Stick 4.4 - Pick up lazer guns and flame throwers, and mow down the enemy stick figures.
Xiao Xiao 4 4.6 - An intense first person shooter. Take on the sneaky stick figures.
8 Queens of Death 3.9 - Place 8 Queens on the chess board. If a Queen is in the line of attack of another Queen it will be removed.
Jezzball 4.2 - Take over the board and trap the atom balls by building walls.
Parking Perfection 4.5 - It's time to brush up on your parking skills. Can you park the car without crashing?
Splash Back 4 - Destroy all the green blobs by growing them until they pop.
Shove It 3.9 - Help Vincent the monster get all the blue blocks onto the yellow spots.
Cyber Mice 4.3 - Help all the mice find the cheese without them all dying.
Bubble Fun 3.7 - Make crazy chain reactions of popping bubbles and take over the board with your color.
Blob Wars 3.5 - Battle other blobs for control of the board.
Magic Balls 4.4 - Clear all the balls off the board before the time runs out.
Aqua Energizer 3.9 - You are Nemo. Move the red ball's into the energizer to complete each level.
Hexxagon 3.8 - Take over the board by moving your diamonds next to your opponents.
Hulk Smash Up 4.4 - You are the incredible hulk. Smash all the buildings before the time runs out.
The Turtle Bridge 3.6 - Carry the bags from one side of the river to the other by hopping on the turtles.
Balance 2.7 - Balance the board so the girl stays on but all the boys fall off.
The Lardener 4.4 - Help the fat couch potato earn money and lose weight playing various games.
Bubble Trouble 4.7 - Shoot all the bubbles with your coils before the time runs out.
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