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Fighting Games

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Space Bounty 4.5 - As an elite mercenary you must destroy everything in your way.
The Viking 4 - Stay alive as long as you can in the world of vikings. Battle your enemies and collect money.
Hold Them Back 4 - After a tough battle you are the last that remains, the enemy is at your door. Hold them back!
Flash Strike 4.6 - Shoot the enemies before they shoot you.
Mars Massacre 3.3 - Shoot down the martian space ships to save planet earth!
Alien Hominid 4.5 - Fight off F.B.I goons and other enemies. Shoot them quick before they get you!
Metal Slug Stick 4.4 - Pick up lazer guns and flame throwers, and mow down the enemy stick figures.
Xiao Xiao 4 4.6 - An intense first person shooter. Take on the sneaky stick figures.
Endless Zombie Rampage 4.8 - Defend your base and stay alive. Kill the attacking zombies!
Soul Mech 4.3 - Walk down the street fighting off the attackers with your sword.
Matrix Fighter 4.5 - You are Neo. Battle the Sentinel's and Agent's who are after you.
Swords and Sandals 4.6 - Create your own gladiator and battle it out in the ancient arena to attain glory!
Bow Man 4.3 - Pull back, take aim, and fire your arrows at your opponent
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