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Avalanche 4.6 - Climb and jump up the falling blocks to escape the rising liquid.
Hulk Smash Up 4.4 - You are the incredible hulk. Smash all the buildings before the time runs out.
The Turtle Bridge 3.6 - Carry the bags from one side of the river to the other by hopping on the turtles.
Balance 2.7 - Balance the board so the girl stays on but all the boys fall off.
Bubble Trouble 4.7 - Shoot all the bubbles with your coils before the time runs out.
Ant Killer 3.6 - Dont you just hate ants? Now you can kill them.
Snow Ball 4.6 - Direct the snow ball as it falls down the mountain growing bigger. Avoid running into anything. How big can you get?
Ragdoll 4 - Play with a ragdoll as it falls through the bubbles.
Hold My Pint 3.8 - Help the drunken man keep his pint upright. Dont want to lose all that precious booze.
Shark Attack 3.6 - Travel from island to island, avoiding sharks and other dangerous creatures.
Bloons 4.5 - Shoot arrows to pop the balloons and get points.
Stair Fall 4.5 - Drag the rag doll down the flight of stairs in the most painful way.
Bubble Shooter 4.7 - Burst all the colored bubbles. Very addicting game.
Gold Miner 4.6 - Help the miner collect gold and diamonds from the mine.
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