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Bill the Demon 3.8 - You are bill the Demon. Scare other monsters by screaming at them and eat as many souls as you can.
Jungle Master 4 - The Turtles have eaten all the fruit in the jungle. Get your fruit back before you starve.
The Black Knight 4.4 - Hear Ye, Hear Ye... The Queen needs a new swimming pool. The King calls upon you to gather the taxes.
Polar Rescue 3.9 - Guide the penguin through the perilous obstacles. Avoid animals, spikes and snowballs!
Angel Bothorius 3.8 - Help Bothorius the fallen angel collect his missing feathers to get back to heaven.
Romanius 2.9 - Your people have been wiped out by the evil cyclopse. Take revenge on them and there armies.
Acorn's Big Adventure 3.8 - Beat the forest creatures by shooting acorns at them. Make it to the end of the level.
Splinter Cell 4.1 - Your out late, way past your girlfriends 11pm curfew. Sneak into your house without alerting your girlfriend.
Clubby the Seal 3.5 - Help clubby the little seal get revenge on the evil humans.
Dangerous Voyage 3.9 - Clear 5 dangerous levels to escape from the dangerous voyage!
Dragon Warrior 4.4 - You are an indian warrior. Destroy the evil spirits and reach your beloved.
Saving Niimo 3.9 - Help Niimo swim through the ocean tunnels. Avoid enemies and collect power up's.
Squirrel Escape 3.9 - Guide a squirrel through numerous mysterious rooms as he tries to escape.
The Lardener 4.4 - Help the fat couch potato earn money and lose weight playing various games.
Stealth Hunter 4.5 - Sneak around undetected and complete each mission. Plant explosives and dispose of your enemies.
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