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How Many Horses? 4.4 - How many horses do you see in this picture? I count 5.
Hole in the Sidewalk 4.2 - Very cool chalk drawing of a hole in the sidewalk.
Hidden Baby 4.2 - Can you find the baby in this picture?
Good or Evil 4.3 - At first glance the letters seem to spell out 'Good' but take another look.
Invisible Triangles 2.7 - Do you see the triangles? Well there are none in this picture.
Tall Soldier 2.8 - Are these soldiers the same height? Or are they getting bigger.
Spinning Spiral 3.4 - Stare into the center of the spiral for 30 seconds, then take a look at your hand.
Shadow Color 2.8 - Points A and B are actually the same color. How can this be?
Black and White Dots 4.5 - Are the dots in this picture white or black? Are you sure?
Dissapearing Dots 4.4 - Stare at the center of this image and be amazed as the dots begin to dissapear.
Real Square? 3.6 - Is this a real square? Or do the sides bend?
Audio Illusion 3.8 - Play this video and listen to the sound reach a higher and higher pitch. Then play it again. How is this possible?
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