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Really Cute Cat 4.4 - This little cat just wants some love!
Baby Monkey on a Pig 4.4 - Baby monkey taking a ride on a piglet! So Cute!
Wahh Wahh Wahhh 4.6 - Funny dog growling..
Bird Messing with Cat 4.2 - Kitty is trying to sleep but the bird keeps annoying it.
Bieber Head 4.4 - Justin Bieber gets nailed in the head with a flying bottle at one of his concerts! LOL!
Slinky Man 4.5 - Guy does a crazy dance in what looks like a giant rainbow slinky.
Cat Taking a Bath 4.3 - This silly feline seems to love taking a bath in the sink.
Ape Likes to Smoke 4.3 - Charlie the South African Ape loves to smoke ciggarettes.
Venus Fly Trap Eating a Fly 3.5 - The Venus Fly Trap a carniverous plant eats a fly.
Vine Jumping 4.4 - Who need's a bungee cord when you've got a jungle vine?
Smart Bear 4.3 - This bear is really good at twirling a stick around. Better then some humans!
Dancing Parrot 4.9 - This parrot has some serious dance moves.
Parachute on Fire 4.2 - This crazy sky diver sets his parachute on fire halfway through his dive.
Seagull Steals Dorito's 4.6 - This seagull is caught repeteadly stealing a bag of dorito's from the store.
The Balloon Bowl 4.2 - This guy skateboard's in a bowl filled with 8,000 balloons!
Lots of Cats 4.2 - And you thought you had a lot of cats? This russian lady has over 100.
Evil Puppy 4.5 - This little dog is pure evil. Listen to that snarl..
Underground Explosions 3.7 - Massive underground nuclear explosions. Watch the ground crumble.
Lion's Hunting 4.4 - National Geographic video of a pack of lion's on the hunt.
T-Rex Eats Car 3.9 - This giant mechanized T-Rex eats this car and sets it on fire.
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