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Wave Hits Lighthouse 4.2 - A massive wave slams into a light house. That guy better get back inside.
Weiner Cooker 4.6 - If you really want your weiner to be cooked just right.
Piss off your neighbor 4.6 - How to piss off your neighbor? All you need is some clippers.
Limo Stuck 4 - Rough day for this limo driver who gets stuck trying to drive over a hill.
Scuba Soccer 3.7 - These guys must be pretty bored. Ever tried to play soccer wearing flippers?
Cat Chases Bear 4.3 - This little house cat chased this giant bear all the way up a tree.
Fish Choking 3.9 - Fish tries to swallow another fish and ends up choking.
Slam Dunk 4.7 - This guy gets more then one ball in his face.
Iraqi Sandstorm 3.9 - Just a little sand right? Looks like something out of The Mummy.
Scared to Death 4.1 - This little kid is scared to death after being picked up by the evil Lord of the Rings character.
Bungee Poop 4.4 - Guy poops his pants during a bungee jump.
Evil Sesame Street 4.4 - The characters of Sesame Street have gone bad.. watch out!
Horn to the balls 4.6 - Wow.. that must have hurt.. matador gets a set of bull horns to the balls.
Referee prank 4.3 - A woman plays a funny prank on the hockey referee.
Stuck on the Wall 3.8 - This girl was duct taped to the wall. Pretty hilarious.
Giant Human Pyramid 3.9 - This is one big human pryamid. I hope they didnt fall.
Sleeping with the dog 4.7 - This kid is in for a big suprise when he wakes up.
Baseball Nuts 4.4 - This poor batter takes a fast ball to the family jewels.
Halo Costume 4.3 - This guy really loves Halo. Look at the cool costume he made.
How Rumors Start 4.5 - This is how all rumors start in the office.
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