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Gas Hose 3.6 - Man drives off with gas pump still attached to his car.
Lion Shave 3.7 - This cat is shaved to look like a lion.
Fly on the nose 4.8 - A fly lands right on this cats nose. I wonder if that cat got the fly.
Elephant Basketball 4.3 - Elephant shooting some hoops.
Aircraft Carrier Fart 4.5 - This guy really needed to expell some gas.
Cow Map 4.5 - Why have a map when you have a cow like this?
Giant Burger 4.2 - This is one giant hamburger. How much of it could you eat?
Tattoo Man 2.3 - This man is completely covered in tattoo's. Makes hims look like one of the x men.
Making an Island 3.8 - This massive ship is building a new island.
Paw's Up! 4.8 - Keep those paws up punk!
Cubicle Cover 3.9 - Want your boss to think your getting some work done? You need one of these.
Jedi Squirrels 4.3 - Three Jedi Squirrels have a light saber battle.
Squirrel Drinks Coke 4.3 - This thirsty squirrel couldn't get enough coca cola..
Fat Cat 4 - Wow this cat eats way too much meow mix.
Horny Kangaroo's 4.5 - Just another day at the Zoo.
Monkey Coke 3.7 - Monkey's like drinking coca cola too!
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