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Sports Games

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Big Joe's Homerun Challenge 3.7 - Help Big Joe score a home run. Hit it out of the park!
Alex Trax 4.3 - Help Alex bike through the obstacle course and make it to the finish line.
Skidoo TT 3.9 - Race down the icy slope's on your snowmobile.
Kick Up's 3.5 - How long can you keep the soccer ball up in the air?
Peanut 4.3 - Flick the peanut's past the squirrels to score a goal.
Cone Crazy 3.6 - Drive around and knock down as many cones as you can in 30 seconds.
Juggler 3.6 - Keep the balls up in the air.
Stick Trampoline 4.2 - Jump up and down on the trampoline. Pull of cool tricks and jumps.
Tennis 4.6 - Play a game of 3D tennis against the computer or a friend. Very fun.
Adrenaline Challenge 4.5 - Ride your dirtbike through various levels collecting the green dots and bringing them to the exit.
Ice Racer 4 - Race over the icey hills without crashing and make it to the end of each level.
Mini Putt 4.3 - Why go to a golf course when you can play on your computer! Play 18 holes of mini golf.
Knife Throw 4.4 - Think you can throw a knife? Throw the knives at the targets. Try not to kill the volunteer.
1 on 1 Soccer 4.3 - Play soccer against a friend or the computer.
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